The word CHAT refers to share something. And if we attach the word ROOM then its meaning different. same like CHAT ROOOM its mean specific place for entertainment. Now its not confirmed that specific share source is what. That could be audio, video and can text. Mostly people like to text chat with their friends. There are many reasons because somebody doesnot allow using their cam. Different countries use different modes of sharing their thoughts. India and Pakistan chat room is target to explain here. In these mostly people use their mobile phones for gupshup. This website GonglooChat is a chatting site which provides the whole world facility to share their knowledge. Country vise we use the terms PAKISTANI CHAT ROOMS when people search in google. Gongloo Chat is providing plate form of INDIAN CHAT ROOM for the people of India in their homes. There are many other sites that providing the facility of online chat room. But we are providing the best one of chatting site that provide every country chats. For example you can join England, uk, Europe, Mumbai, delhi, singapur and cananda chatting site. GC ROOM is the best one chat site which is providing the safe and private chat. We care your privacy and maintain the fully secure from hackers. No one can see your ip address in Gongloo Chat Rooms. Because we have php chat which is fully time secured for everyone. Only admin can see your ip address. If you feeling some boring or in secure please let the form fill and send to our team. Our Gongloo Chat team is always working for our clients and users. For entertainment we have some RJ/ DJ audio shows which are trying to make you happy every time of your precious time. Once again this site is not only Pakistani chat room but also be Gongloo chat room. Everyone have the same rights to use this site. our andother site is rosechatroom

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Chat Codes

Rules For Admins 

  1. Admins Must be use thier own Nick Name while they are On admin Mode. 
  2. if you have any problem with any old user you must take screenshot for proof 
  3. if you are busy are do not use the room they well not the all admin mode
  4. its admin rights to welcome all users 
  5. if any RJ is onair please give him/her RJ tage
  6. please guide the users if they are misbehaveing send the radio link if any one problem with radio

Rules for RJs 

  1. Please all RJs muste be onair on theirs times 
  2. if any RJ could not come on radio due to any problem please tell to the head RJ/RaaZ 
  3. all RJs try to entertain the users the patientce
  4. if any RJ play a vital role in his/her shows they will be part of GonglooChat

Rules for Users

  1. Please don_t abuse in chatroom 
  2. Please don_t use abussive words
  3. Please do not shere links of others the rooms 
  4. Please do not shere your personal information with anyone 
  5. Please respect yours Admins & don_t cross the limits 
  6. If any one want to be admins please contacts to RaaZ_
  7. If any one want to be Rj please contacts to head RJ
  8.  Please respect the all girls please don_t cross the limts

Terms And Conditions

Everyone should be carefull for their personal privacy. we have fully secured this chat no body can see your privacy. so dont worry abour privacy. you can see our Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


We Care Our users and clients and try to reach for their support in every walk of life. If you want to be a member please join us



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