About GonglooChat

GonglooChat inc. is an early stage technology startup founded online in december, 2014 of Green colour.

What does the name mean you ask? Well, GonglooChat is a pun on Mobile and smart phone chatting software.

Why GonglooChat
Because we want to build a better chatting software Than other chatting sites.. and we can. Because after somedays very soon everybody will have a Smartphone.
Who Are we?
GonglooChat was founded by three guys who spent combined 3 years doing geeky stuff Poempunch Chat Room! Inc. before starting GonglooChat Inc.

5. All are same here no body have the right to make a KING of GonglooChat everyone have the same right.

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Terms And Conditions

Everyone should be carefull for their personal privacy. we have fully secured this chat no body can see your privacy. so dont worry abour privacy. you can see our Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


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