Everything is controlled with specific thing. Our GonglooChat Software is fully different from other Chat rooms Commands. So we are giving some important commands that can be use by users.

Commands For All user

1. /ignore

some time Abuser are in chat room. OR someone teasing you and there is no admin in chat room. you can use this command. by using this no message of ignored user will be shown to you. For Example: /ignore ramzan

2. /unignore

If you have ignored somone for specific reason. and now you want to unignore you cn use this command. After using this all sms will be shown to you. For Exapmple: /unignore ramzan

3. /topic

If Anybody want to say all of users specialy. He/ she Can use this command. This is specially designed for announcement. For Example: /topic Me tm se piyar krta hon churail :P

4. /Clear

If there is to much chat OR some censor words are using in chat room. You can use this command all the screen will be cleared. For Exapmle /clear

5. /refresh

If you want to refresh You chat room. you can use by click the refresh button we have inserted this command in button.

7. share

Any body can share this chat room link by simply click on upper share buttons

8. /away
This is the command that is used when you are bussy OR want to show any body i am away. For Exapmle: /away me ata hon 10 minuts k bad.

9. /slap1

If you wana show To slap A user You can use this command as For example: /slap1 ali

For Admins Commands

We have some secret commands for our honorable admins.
1. Login

When Any user Wants to Become and Admin. He can Use this command if he have the secret Admin login. For exapmle: /login love

2. Kick

If any User Is teasing Or sharing Links or Abusing You can kick him out by warning. For exapmle: /kick arslan ( bhai ab abuse na krna)

3. Ban

If any user is teasing again and again. and creating problems after warn him /her. You can use this command to stuck him out the bloody bastered

For Exapmle: /ban nisar

if you wants to ban with comment then use

For exapmle: /ban nisar ( Getout now take rest in your home)

4. Baniptime

If you want to ban User IP with Time specification like ban him for 2 hours, 2 days , 3 hours etc what ever. you can use this command as Misal k Taur per , If User is with nick of NISAR AND HIS IP IS AND YOU WANT TO BAN HIM FOR 2 HOURS. YOU will use this command as For example: /baniptime nisar 120

120 shows as Minuts. 120 minutes= 2 hours

5. Bantime

If you dont have time to get the IP of a user then You simply Use this command. in this we Have Add function that use automatically IP adress. For Example: /bantime nisar

6. Topic

Topic Command is made for boths admin and for users. But some difeerent ways. Admin topic command is only Use by Owner. so its secret.

9. Op

This command is use to give the temporary all admin rights to someone user. But Somtime its is use for wrong way so it also be a secret for owner only.

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