Terms and Conditions

The GonglooChat is fully secured and free online chat room for the users across the whole world. The major terms and conditions to use the free online chat room of pakistan is to simple. And its as compulsory to follow these. Otherwise the admins and controller of this website resticated and banned you from the online chat rooms. We have differentiate the following users and our regular customers that are using GonglooChat . That are some in the following subheadings.
Authorized Users
Authorized users are those who join us daily and give some prescription to move more best facilties to our users. Authorized users have the following rights to use GonglooChat..

1. They can use chat room Software freely anywhere.

2. They have the right to complain any misbehave from other.

3. If they are feeling boring here they can join our Live RJ radio portal for their entertainment.

4. They can apply for adminship and can b moderator of the chat room.

5. If some of them wana get owners right then they should follow the all rules made by our team and be pateince with all users.

Prohibited Uses of the Content.

The content of GonglooChat is fully prohibbted to copy by other site. If you see this content on another site please inform us at our contact us Form. Our content have some descriptive consents.

1. Our content is fully unique and according to the rules of Google.

2. We have submit al the data with reference to our terms and conditions.

3. Please right note if you wana change some content you can right an application to our information portal we will answer you immediately

Major Terms and Rules for All Users.
There are some major rules that are same for all users. They should be bound to follow them clearly otherwise they will not seen here again.

1. There is fully prohibition of share link of other Chat room sites.

2. Don’t give or take personal information to all users they can hack you system or can blackmail you for specific purpose.

3. Anyone have the right to make fun with their friends.

4. Don’t be serious with any matter in chat room.

5. All are same here no body have the right to make a KING of GonglooChat everyone have the same right.

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Terms And Conditions

Everyone should be carefull for their personal privacy. we have fully secured this chat no body can see your privacy. so dont worry abour privacy. you can see our Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


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